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Marble Paper – Craft Time Activity

We did a new craft this week: making marble paper. My middle one was looking over my shoulder while I scrolled through a craft group I am yesterday. Someone posted a video on making marble scarves. If you’ve never seen the process, you must check out this video on the art. So cool! Her eyes lit up and begged to run to the store for the supplies. (This post contains affiliate links)


Because I like crafting so much as well, I had to oblige. I didn’t have any silk, but I did have some sketch paper, acrylic paint, and a pan! We ran out to the store quickly and grabbed some liquid starch and alum. We were pretty impressed with the results. The first papers we did turned out better than subsequent ones. The starch got muddled pretty quickly, I think we put way too much paint in the pan. I also think we should have diluted the paint a lot more so that it didn’t sink to the bottom. As we did more paper, the globs of paint under the surface mixed with the paint on top.

Another thing we learned is that if you’ve dragged the design vertically, pick up the paper in the same direction so that the excess runs down with your design. Also, when you rinse off the starch, some of the muddled paint will disappear leaving your design behind. One more thing, don’t keep the water focused on one part of your paper. The water will wash the paint off, so gentle water while continuously moving the paper is best.

Here is what you need to make marble paper:

Liquid Starch (in the laundry section)

Alum (found with the spices)

Acrylic paints 

Pan or drawer about 9X13

Paper with texture…don’t use copy paper

Popsicle sticks, wide toothed comb, nail, hair pic, etc.

  1. The starch and alum need to be mixed together in your pan with a ration of 2 cups starch to 1 tsp alum. You may need to double it to make it at least 1″ deep in your pan.
  2. Dilute your acrylic paints in cups. You don’t want them as thin as water, but straight out of the bottle will cause the colors to sink.
  3. Drip your paints onto the starch pan however you like. Big drips, small drips. marble paper DFW Homeschool Resource
  4. Take one of your tools like the popscilcle stick and drag it through the paint making it swirl together. Don’t mix too much because you don’t want the colors to blend together. marble paper DFW Homeschool Resource
  5. Carefully lay your paper on the surface of the starch.
  6. Carefully pick up the paper from two corners.
  7. Rinse in gentle water from the tap.
  8. Lay down to dry. It’ll take about 2 hours for it to dry.
  9. Admire your work! marble paper DFW Homeschool Resource

This craft is even great for little ones. They can help drip the paint and swirl it. You’ll need to help by laying the paper down and picking it up.

(This post contains affiliate links. I was not asked to review these products or promote them in anyway. These are the items that we used to make our marble paper. This is at no cost to you and helps us keep the lights on around here!)

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