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Review – Sequence Letters Game for Kids

Sequence Letters Game Reivew

Sequence Game DFW Homeschool Resource On a rainy day, I brought out our Sequence Letters game. If you’re familiar with the adult version, it’s got a similar goal. Instead of stretching the board, you’re just trying to connect four. The game can be played with up to 6 people, but that makes 3 teams of 2. In our case, we played 1 team of 2 and 2 teams of 1 each. The game box says ages 4-7. My 6 and 10 year old played on their own teams. I played along with the four year old. (This post contains affiliate links)

How to play:

Each player earns a square by matching a letter card in their hand to a picture. The pictures are also color coded with the squares to help the very young to narrow down the choices. My big two know their letters and sounds and it was pretty easy to match up. However, it did cause them to have to think, “What starts with the letter L?” Players are able to block each other which amused my big two and made the youngest mad. The letter X allows a player to remove a chip already placed on the board. Letter Z card allows them to place a chip on any square they want.

For my 4 year old non- reader and non-phonics child, I would show her the card and tell her the letter. The big two then would tell her what picture to look for. The game is definitely for children in between my 4 and 6 year old in letter and phonics abilities.Sequence Game DFW Homeschool Resource

The game took longer than I thought it would. Mostly because there was a lot of discussion on where they were going to put a chip to block someone. The youngest got mad if someone “took” her favorite pictures. I would not recommend playing the game with a bunch of 4 year olds! It probably is easiest with a mixed age group. If the ages and abilities are varied then there are different ways to learn from the game. If you want to buy your own, head over to buy it HERE!

(I was not asked to review this game. I did so because we enjoy playing it! Affiliate links are present but they’re at no cost to you! They help keep the lights on around here from the small commission we get)

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Game Review: Race to the Treasure

Ogres are always a fascination in children’s stories. I think that may have been what attracted me to this game. I love woodland illustrations, fairy tales, and the like. The box to this game was whimsical which caught my eye and caused me to look at it more closely. This also reminded me of my youngest’s favorite tv show, Ben and Holly, so after reading the point of the game, I decided to purchase it. (I was not asked to do the review of this, I did so because we had fun playing it. There are affiliate links in the post, see disclaimer at the end)

Race to the TreasurePeaceable Kingdom Game Review is made by Peaceable Kingdom. It’s a cooperative game printed on all sorts of recyclable and renewable resources. It says ages 5 and up, but my four year old can play it with a little help from 6 year old big sister. The goal  is to collect three keys and make your path to the treasure before the ogre. The game board changes each time because the location of the keys changes with every game. Two dice, one that has letters and one that has numbers come with the game. You roll both to get the coordinates for the placement of the keys and one picnic basket to erase one ogre.

We have played about 5-6 times since I gave it to my children this morning and we have yet to loose to the ogre! There’s no competition which works well for little people who hate loosing. Although my youngest always want to be the one to lay the last piece down….

It’s a sweet little game. This is our first game by Peaceable Kingdom, so I’m intrigued to check out more of their games now. If you’d like to buy your own game, click here to do so.

(I was not paid to review this game. There is an affiliate link at the end to buy the game. Using this link does not make the game cost anymore than if you went to Amazon yourself by typing it in. I do earn a small amount from the affiliate links which helps pay to run this resource site. )

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The Allowance Game

Allowance game cover The Allowance Game was one of my favorite games growing up! It reminded me a bit of Monopoly except for people would play this one with me! My mom kept our game and gave it to me a few years ago so I could could play the game with my children. (I was not asked to write this review, the opinions in it are mine and mine alone!)

Allowance game board
This game is awesome because it teaches kids about money in a real life sort of simulation. The goal is to be the first one to earn $10. The prices you pay for items is quite unrealistic, but it allows kids to practice using nickles, dimes, quarters, $1 bills, and $5 bills. And the awesome thing is they don’t know they are learning! They just want to be able to add up their money to $10 the quickest. There’s no banker in this game, so each player gets a chance to practice their money skills.

I love the illustrations on the game and love that the money mimics American coinage pretty closely. The box has fallen apart since I think this edition is from the early 90s and like I said, I loved this game and had younger siblings so we played it for many years.

Lucky for you, this game is still being sold. The board looks a little different, but it’s still the same awesome game. I’d recommend it for ages 5 and up! I still enjoy playing this with my kids today. Click HERE to buy your own today!

(This post contains an affiliate link to the product I wrote about. I was not asked to write this review, I did it because I think it’s an awesome game! With all affiliate links I will earn a tiny bit of money for advertising it. This money helps keep the lights on! Thanks for your purchase!! See my affiliate disclosure on the about me page)

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