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See National Parks for Free

National Parks Vicksburg DFW Homeschool ResourceThrough the Every Kid in a Park program, all fourth graders can get into national parks for free. It’s pretty easy and available starting in September each school year. The pass typically covers entrance for the whole family or car load. Certain rules and stipulations may apply so make sure you read over all of the details before you visit a park.

Go to the Every Kid in a Park website and sign up!

We visited Vicksburg National Park back in September for free! It was great. Make sure you don’t loose the pass they give you at the first park. You’ll need it to get into parks all year long!

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Free Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips for Homeschoolers DFW I wish there was a way to beam us to field trips in other parts of world. The nice weather was awesome while it lasted. This week I think the heat is moving in for summer as usual. Every year I hope that *this* year I won’t let the heat slow us down. Every year I am wrong and loose my resolve as July approaches.

Did you know that you can go on field trips without leaving the comfort of your air conditioned home? These also work well for tiny travel budgets!

Here is a list of some of the field trips I have found that will hopefully quench your travel bug and make you forget the heat!

Discovery Education – There’s an events calendar with upcoming field trips on it! There’s a good selection with new ones being added often.

Smithsonian Permanent Exhibits – tour the museum’s permanent exhibits!

Augmented Reality – not quite the same sort of field trip as the others. They take images from Google Earth and allow you to view it in 3D. Requires downloading of their software to use.

Tour the Little House in the Big Woods – Easier than trekking out west following the Ingalls’ trail.

This is just a VERY tiny example of all of the places your can visit from home. A few others are The White House, The Louvre,  Colonial Williamsburg, Mt Everest, and many, many more! What neat places have you explored from home?


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National Park Week

National Park Week DFW HomeschoolThe National Parks Service celebrates 100 years this year. If you’ve never had the chance to visit a national park, do so this year. There are a handful of free entry dates:

  • April 15-16 and 22-23: Weekends of National Park Week
  • August 25: National Park Service Birthday
  • September 30: National Public Lands Day
  • November 11-12: Veterans Day Weekend

If you have a 4th grader this year, you can also go here and get a free entry to any one of the national parks for the rest of the school year until September 2017. There are more than 400 national parks in our country, with 14 of them in Texas! To see the complete list in Texas, go to the Texas National Park website.  Waco Mammoth Park is the closest one to DFW. It was just deemed a national park by President Obama in 2015.

National Parks are important to our country and national history. They aid in the preservation of wildlife and protect places that are important to people. Visiting one can help you and your children further appreciate the history of our country. Or if you’re an immigrant, some can give you an idea of what the history of this country is.

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Universal Yums Box – A Review

Universal Yum Box DFW HomeschoolMy husband and I love to travel. We haven’t been able to travel as much with our children as we would have liked yet, so we found another way to expose our children to the tastes of other cultures: Universal Yums Box. (I was not asked to write this review, we just love how this subscription box supplements our homeschool curriculum each month)

Universal Yum Box DFW Homeschool


Yum and Yum Yum boxes are packed with amazing tastes and smells of other countries. Each month, one country is featured, and each box comes with 6 or 12 different snacks foods and/or candies from that country. We have subscribed now since August 2016 and have “traveled” to Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Indonesia, Brazil, and the Philippines.  Some countries had awesome snacks and others left much to be desired. Ukraine’s red caviar baked bread snacks – definitely one of the worst snacks we’ve ever tried. Our favorite snack? Hard to say. There’s been some amazing little goodies!

Universal Yum Box DFW HomeschoolThis month, we got a big surprise when a BIG Yum Yum box showed up on our door step! We had been getting the smaller box, the Yum Box, instead of the Yum Yum Box. I was confused and texted my husband because we had spoken about getting the bigger one, but I didn’t remember it actually happening. He had no idea, so I opened the box thinking there’d be an explanation inside, and there was! Universal Yums had sent us the bigger box to try to entice us to change our subscription.

I have to say that we are tempted to upgrade! There were twice as many goodies in the box this month. My favorite were the apricot cookies hands down. I wonder if I can get them to just send me another box or two of those??? The kids really liked pretty much everything else but the coffee flavored cookies.

Universal Yum Box DFW HomeschoolInside each box there’s a score card to keep track of who likes what. That was a new feature they added about 2 months ago and the kids love giving their opinions. There’s also a booklet with lots of facts about the country as well as tidbits of information about the snacks. I think my only complaint is that SO MANY snacks have gluten in them and I can’t eat those.

Long story short, if you want a cross cultural experience every month without leaving your house, subscribe to Universal Yums!

(I was not asked to write this review. I did it because we love this subscription box! However, if they ever want to send me something to review, I would gladly do it! Same goes for other companies. Hint, hint)


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